how to replace image in alight motion

How to Replace Image in Alight Motion|Quick and Easy Guide

how to replace image in alight motion

Editing in Alight Motion is much easier. It provides multiple simple tools that make it easy for users to make wonderful videos. It also allows you to edit your previous projects and import presets in your editing dashboard.

It means you can edit any project, replace, and import new things to increase curiosity in your wonderful video. If you want to know how to replace image in Alight Motion, I will guide you with simple steps. I have been using Alight Motion for three years continuously so that I can guide you in a better way.

 In this article, I will guide you all about image editing functions and changes in Alight Motion, which will give a professional look to your project.

How to Replace Image in Alight Motion

Whether you want to replace a picture from a project or a preset, the steps are the same. Follow the steps below and learn how to replace images in Alight Motion online.

  • Tap on the Alight Motion App to open it and select the project in which you want to make changes. 
  • Find a picture, video, or any element you want to replace with a new one and tap on it.
  • Select the “ color & fill ” option. The already-used media file will appear; tap on it, even if it is a video or photo.
  • Your media gallery will open; select the new photo or video you want to use instead of the old media.
  • Your media will be replaced successfully on the timeline. Now, make necessary edits on the timeline by tapping on it. 

How to crop an image on alight motion

There is a unique way to crop a photo or video in Alight Motion. You can follow the same steps to crop the video in Alight Motion, which I will tell you. So, follow these steps to crop an image in AM. 

  • Open your project in which you want to crop an image.
  • Find the picture on the timeline that you want to crop.
  • Tap on it; it will appear on the timeline screen.
  • Now click the big “plus icon” and select the shape you want to crop the image.
  • Adjust the size of the shape as much as you want to crop.
  • Now tap the “Blending & Opacity” option and select the “Mask”.
  • Your image will successfully crop.

How to Flip an Image in Alight Motion

You can flip an image in Alight Motion easily. So follow the steps below to flip the image according to your taste.

  • Open the Alight Motion app and select the project to flip the image.
  • Find the image on the timeline you want to flip and tap on.
  • Tap on three dots, which are on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the option to flip horizontally or vertically according to your need.
  • Congratulations! Your image has been successfully flipped.

How to Make Picture Move in Alight Motion

To move a picture on the screen is tricky but simple. To move any stuff on the screen, follow the steps below.

  • Open the app and select the resolution to create a new project. Add an image by tapping the plus icon.
  • Tap on the image on the timeline and select the “Move & Transform” option.
  • Tap on the plus icon located in a diamond shape to add a keyframe.
  • Now, add another keyframe on the other end of the photo.
  • Now, use different options like graph, skew, etc., so that you want to give motion on the screen. 
  • Now save your video and observe the movement of the photo.

How to Animate a Picture in Alight Motion

Alight Motion is an excellent video and animation graphics app. You can edit a picture after adding it to the timeline. It offers multiple tools and options to make your video bombastic. Below are some tricks from which you can give a fantastic look to your image. 

  •   Open the Alight Motion app and create a new project.
  • Click on the plus icon and add some images to the timeline.
  • Click on the image on the timeline; there will appear different options. 
  • The colors by color and fill option; add different effects by tapping on the effects option.
  • Add some keyframes from the move and transform option.
  • After animating the image, save your project. 

Wrapping Words

How to replace image in Alight Motion is a common question. Alight Motion offers simple methods to replace media on timeline. You can make amazing videos by moving and animating the image in AM. Every necessary image editing tool is available. So, Alight Motion Mod apk is another best option with multiple extra functionalities. So, download pro apk and make editing wonderful. 

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