how to remove background in alight motion

How to Remove Background in Alight Motion | Easy Guide (2024)

how to remove background in alight motion

How to remove background in Alight motion? Removal and changing of background is one of the magic tricks. The main advantage of background removal is that you can perform many clips in the same place and display them in different places by changing the background.

You can win the hearts of followers by showing yourself at the cool waterfalls and blossom valleys while sitting at home. You can get a lot of likes and comments by making a video with Lion using a green screen.

If you are ready to increase your audience and want to know how to remove background in Alight Motion, read the following article. After reading this article, you can remove any background using Alight Motion.

How to Remove Background in Alight Motion

Alight Motion is one of the best editing software to make magic in removing the background. You can remove the bg easily using simple tools. Follow the below steps to make the background transparent.

  • Open the Alight Motion app and create a new project, choosing the required resolution.
  • Add the picture on the timeline whose background you want to remove. 
add new project option
Add Project
added image to remove background
Remove Background
  • Click the “ Plus “ icon and select the “ vector drawing “ tool option. 
  • A cursor will appear on the screen. Swipe on the place given below the timeline to move the cursor. Set the cursor on one edge of the person and tap the plus icon. In this way, it covers the whole person.
vector drawing option in alight motion
Vector Drawing
how to cover the target area
Swipe and Move
complete cover target image
Cover Target
  • Now, come back and long-press the timeline option on the left side. Select both layers, then press the group and mask option on the screen’s top.
  • Applause: Your image background has been removed successfully.   
select layers and use group and mask option
Group and Masking
background removed by alight motion
BG Remove

How to Use Chroma Key in Alight Motion

The Chroma key is one of the magic-creating tools used to remove the video’s green screen. If you want to get rid of the green screen from the video, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Alight Motion app and add a video with a green screen.
  • Tap the “ effects “ option and select the “chroma-key “ option.
  • A popup will appear; select the “ green screen “ option.
  • The green screen will disappear. Increase the threshold and feather number by scrolling the line towards the left for further accurate results. 

How to Change Background Colour in Alight Motion

It is very easy to change the background colour in Alight Motion Mod APK. Apply the above first method to remove the background ( group and mask ). After removing the background, add a second media or colour which you want to show in the background. Scroll this layer below the main layer. The background of the media will change successfully.

How to Make Moving Background in Alight Motion

It is very simple to make a moving background in Alight Motion. You can apply two methods. 

First Method:

  1. Remove the background using the above method.
  2. Add any video on the timeline you want to show in the background.
  3. Scroll this video layer below the transparent layer.

In this way, this video will play in your background. 

Second Method:

If you have removed the background from any video or image and want to add any picture in the background and make it move, use this method. Add a picture that you want to use in the background. Scroll this layer below the transparent layer.

Now, add some keyframes on the background layer and adjust the motion of that background. This way, you can make your background move even if you add a picture.

moving background in alight motion
Moving Background

Copy background in Alight Motion

Copy background is used to make a copy of all content visible beneath a layer and place that into the layer itself. It is often used to make an effect appear within a certain region instead of the whole layer. So you can use mosaic effects for this purpose. Let’s try it on a person’s face.

  • First add an image then add a circle shape by tapping on the plus icon.
  • Tap on the circle, then effect and swipe over to copy the background. The shape is now filled with background.
  • Move the circle and resize it to the person’s face.
  • Now add the mosaic effect, and we have successfully covered their face.
  • If you are masking a person’s face in a video, use move and transform to move the shape as the person’s face moves.  

Final Words

Alight Motion is a very simple and convenient app to remove background. It provides simple but fantastic tools that make this job very easy. So download Alight Motion Mod APK and enjoy its benefits. 


Unscreen is a online tool to remove background of video without green screen. It allows you to upload video simply and it remove background of a video.

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