alight motion vs after effects

Alight Motion vs After Effects|Which One is Better (2024)

alight motion vs after effects

In this era of development, new inventions are seen every day, which the creator tries to facilitate better than before. Alight Motion and After Effects are also the result of these advancements. That’s why most people ask about which editor software is favorable for them.

We discuss short comparison of Alight Motion vs After Effects capabilities. As a video and animation creator, I have tested both of them, and I will share my experience with you. According to my exposure, Adobe After Effects is more advanced than Alight Motion. It is helpful in making stunning videos with advanced effects.

But in spite of all, Alight Motion is better than After Effects. I am not saying this on the basis of its price but on the basis of its effects. It provides a user-friendly interface with all the essential effects that fulfill all the needs of the user. A beginner can create handsome videos easily. Even from the free version, you can make good-quality videos. Then why should anyone pay a high price for After Effects?

There are also some more comparisons which you should need to know.

Alight Motion Vs After Effects Capabilities Comparison

Alight Motion and After Effects are both wonderful video editing apps. Below is the small comparison of their capabilities, which helps you more in choosing your appropriate app.

FeaturesAlight MotionAfter Effects
DevicesAndroid, iOS, WindowWindow
User InterfaceUser FriendlyAdvanced
Keyframes Animation
VersionPaid/Free TrialPaid/Free Version
Effects and Presets
Learning CurveEasySteeper
Created ByAlight Creative, IncAdobe
4D Cinema Creation
Project SupportCreate Multiple Projects and GroupsContent Aware Fill Options
3D SupportSupport 3D designRotoscoping+3D Design
Templates and Presets
Alight Motion vs After Effects Comparison Table

Which one is better for You?

Fairly speaking, Alight Motion has always remained my favorite video and animation editing app. It supports all the essential tools and effects that are required in wonderful animation creation. After Effects is a more powerful tool than Alight Motion.

If you want video edits with multiple clips, then AE is the best tool, and AM for PC can cause lagging. If you want to make advanced animations by using a complicated dashboard, then go towards After Effects and subscribe to its subscription. After Effects is a heavy app and creates a burden on the PC.

The cool benefit of this app is that you can enjoy all of its supportable features on mobile. It is lightweight and runs smoothly over Windows. The question is that when Alight Motion fulfills all requirements, then why should we go towards a high-paid subscription? I think AM is a good editing app that is easily available. 

If you want to use the pro features of Alight Motion and can’t afford its price, then there is no issue. You can use the Mod version of AM with all its Pro unlocked features.

alight motion vs after effects capabilities comparison
Alight Motion vs After Effects Capabilities


I am an expert video and animation creator. I have tested AE, but AM has always remained my primary weapon in the editing field. It always remains an apple of my eye because it is comfortable for me. I complete my projects within a short time due to its easy interface. Honestly, I have guided you only with my own expertise and opinion.


AM is the best video editing app with a user-friendly interface and free/paid subscription supported on all devices. It contains all the tools and effects for professional video editing. AF is similar to AM: an advanced tool with a complicated interface and a paid/free trial version supported only by Windows.

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