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Alight Motion QR Codes 2024 Free Import ( iOS/PC/And )

alight motion qr codes

Alight Motion is one of the innovative apps that is easily usable on Android or iPhone. Along with its advanced features, it also provides the facility of a QR code generator and scanner.

 It means you can share your project with your friends and audience by creating QR codes for your project. You can also use other projects by scanning the QR codes in Alight Motion. In this guide, I will help you on how to use Alight Motion QR codes. You will also learn how to create QR codes for projects in Alight Motion.

What are the QR codes?

QR codes are scannable barcodes containing data with small pixels in the form of machine language. A device camera or scanner can scan these barcodes. Alight Motion Mod APK creates peculiar QR codes that possess the complete project’s information, including layers, effects, and other additions that are easily editable.

It is the fattest and easiest method to share your projects and files with others. So, you can import other projects in Alight Motion and edit them to your own happiness. 

QR Codes Presets

Here are some professional pre-edited QR Codes for your ease. You can enjoy these heart touching effects by scanning the qr codes.

Alight Motion Shake QR Code

Alight motion shake qr code

Alight Motion QR Code Coloring

alight motion qr code coloring

Alight Motion Shake QR Code

Alight motion shake qr code

Alight Motion QR Codes Zoom

Alight Motion QR Code zoom

Alight Motion Velocity QR Code

Alight Motion QR Code velocity

Alight Motion QR Code Full Pack

Alight Motion QR Code full pack


Alight Motion QR Code text


Alight Motion QR Code roto

QR Codes Coloring

alight motion qr code coloring

Alight Motion QR Codes Preset Base

Alight Motion QR Code preset base

Alight Motion QR Codes Glitch

Alight Motion QR Code glitch

Alight Motion QR Code Effect

Alight Motion QR Code effect


Alight Motion QR Code transition


Alight Motion QR Code lyrics

How to Make QR codes in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion facilitates you to generate a QR code to share your project with others. Some people want to use this option, but they don’t know how to use it. If you are also looking for how to make QR codes in Alight Motion, then don’t panic; I will share my experience with you. Follow the simple guide given below to generate a QR codes in iPhone, PC or Android.

  • Install the Alight Motion app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Click on the big plus icon on bottom to add a new project.
  • Give a name and select the resolution of your project.
  • Edit your video using different effects and filters.
  • Use different layers and keyframes.
  • After editing, click on the export button.
  • Select the “ Project Package “ option.
  • Applause! Your project’s code will be successfully generated.
  • Share your project with your friends by QR codes.

How to Use QR codes?

There are two methods to scan any QR codes. One is with the help of a scanner, and the other is without installing a scanner. Here are simple steps on how to add QR codes in Alight Motion effectively.

By Scanner

  • Download the QR code scanner from Play Store and install it.
download and install qr code scanner
QR Code Scanner
  • Make an account on Instagram and type for Alight Motion presets in the search box. Select your desired preset and open it. Now, slide it until a QR code image appears. Take a screenshot of this code.
qr code presets
qr code presets on instagram
  • Open the QR code scanner and scan the screenshot; you can scan the QR code of any project that you want to import in Alight Motion.
qr code screenshot
qr code screenshot
  • A link will appear as you will scan QR codes.
scanning qr code
qr code scanning
  • Tap on the link, and it will open in Alight Motion. Tap on the import button; it will import your project.
import project
import project
  • Congratulations! Your presets have been successfully imported.
imported project in alight motion
project imported in alight motion

By Google Lens

  • If you get a QR code from instagram or any website, then take a screenshot of the QR code. If any friend has shared a QR code in the form of an image, then it is also pretty good.
qr code screenshot
qr code screenshot
  • Open your Chrome browser or instant Google access on your phone.
  • Tap on the Google Lens located on the right end of the search bar.
google lens option
google lens
  • It will send you to your mobile gallery option. Select your desired QR code screenshot or image.
gallery option
gallery option
  • It will show a link; tap on it. It will open in the Alight Motion app.
link option after scanning qr code
link option
  • Tap on the import option; your project will be successfully imported in Alight Motion.
imported project
imported project

After importing presets in Alight Motion, You can edit them if you want. You can also select the effects of your own choice from imported presets. In your previous projects, you can add these presets and effects.

How to Create QR codes for iPhone users?

iPhone users can also create QR codes for their projects using Alight Motion for iOS. Follow the simple guide to generate a QR code using the iPhone.

  • Install Alight Motion from the Apple App Store.
  • Create a new project and edit it.
  • Use various effects and make it wonderful.
  • Select the import option located in the upper left corner.
  • In a few moments, it will generate your project’s QR code.

How to Import QR codes?

  • Open the Chrome Browser or on your device.
  • Click on the Google Lens on the right end of the search bar.
  • It will give you the choice to drag a photo or import your desired picture. 


There would be two reasons.

  1. This code needs to be updated.
  2. You need to scan the QR code properly. To scan perfectly, take proper orientation, confirm enough light for the scanner to read.
  • After downloading or taking a screenshot of the QR code, tap on the Google Lens, which is at the right end of the Google or Chrome search bar.
  •  It will offer you to import your desired picture. Import your QR code picture and focus on the QR code.
  •  It will generate a link for you. Tap on it; it will open on the desired page.

Yes, the iPhone has made a recent update to scan QR codes automatically with the camera without taking pictures. To operate this method, follow the steps.

  • Open your iPhone camera and point towards the QR code.
  • It will generate a link by scanning it and asking you for action.

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