alight motion vs capcut

Alight Motion vs CapCut | Which is Better for You in 2024

alight motion vs capcut

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of good video editing apps available online. But Alight Motion and CapCut ratings are higher than all others. It is difficult for a person to decide which editing software is best for him.

Alight Motion is a video editor, design maker, and animation creator, but CapCut is only best for video edits. At first, I was confused about choosing the best app, but then I used these apps and got to know their features. Now, you don’t have to worry much because I am going to tell you everything about these apps

After reading this guide, you will be able to decide which one is best for you. Read the guide for Alight Motion vs CapCut below carefully and find out which one is better: Alight Motion or CapCut. 

Alight Motion vs CapCut Features

FeaturesAlight MotionCapCut
DevicesAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
PurposeEditing, Animation, VFXVideo Editing Only
XML Support
Keyframe AnimationModern ToolsSimple Support
Layers SupportMultiple Layers SupportMultiple Layers Support
Text FormattingAnimation and ModificationAnimation and Customization
Chroma Key Support
Audio Layer SupportControl Audio LayersSimple Audio Editing
Voiceover Recording
Resolution SupportUp to 4kUp to 4k
Export FormatsVideo, GIF, Project Package, Image SequenceMP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, WMV
User InterfaceModernSimple
Effects SupportUnlimitedLesser

What are both?

Alight Motion and CapCut are both professional, amazing video editing tools. Below is a small Alight Motion vs CapCut features comparison.

Multiple Layer Graphics

Alight Motion

Alight Motion provides you with amazing tools for video editing. You can edit video as well as audio in Alight Motion. It offers multiple graphics layers to make your work easy. You can change colours and add any effect to give a professional look to your work by using layers one by one in your single video.

You can also use many vectors and bitmaps in your video by using multiple layers. Alight Motion also allows you to use graphics layers on your Android device. So, various graphics layers are the wonderful option the Alight Motion app provides.


CapCut also provides this astonishing option for its users. You can add multiple layers in the video as well as images. You can also use different tools to edit your layers, like background colour change, cure, crop, zoom, etc. So, CapCut also provides multiple layers to make your video eye-catching.

Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion

Keyframe animation is a crucial and incredible feature offered by Alight Motion Mod APK. It enables you to give a stunningly professional appearance to astonishing viewers. It is a fundamental feature to add stunning effects like shake effects, speed control, badass effects, etc.

It offers a graph to add and adjust keyframes according to your requirements. You can adapt keyframes simply by using vector graphics.


Like Alight Motion, CapCut also has a keyframe animation option with the same setting. You can also make your video amazing by using this option in CapCut. You can add multiple photos, text effects, and graphics layers and control them using keyframe animation. Keyframe animation is a basic tool for video editing. So, both apps contain this helpful feature.

Visual Effects

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers a lot of visual effects like QR codes and types of faces. It allows users to make visually stunning videos by using these effects. You can apply various filters to give a natural look to your video. The use of transition effects for different layers, like fade, rotate, and dissolve, makes your video gorgeous.

It also allows you to use motion blur effect and masking. It also provides all basic visual tools like brightness, hue, colour, etc. So, Alight Motion provides all the basic and modern visual tools that are needed in any form of video creation.


CapCut also provides a variety of amazing visual effects like retro comic effects, dreamy, transition effects, etc. You can add these effects on images or different video layers according to your own preference.

In CapCut, you can combine different photos to make a single video. You can also use visual effects on photos to make it amazing. So, CapCut also has powerful visual effects like Alight Motion.

Editing Tools

Both have a large number of tools (including basic and modern). But, according to deep analysis, CapCut has more video editing tools like masking, video overlay, stabilization, video trimming, video splitting, etc.

On the other hand, Alight Motion has more animated drawing tools and objects.


Alight Motion

Alight Motion has a large number of advanced customizable shapes. You can add multiple shapes and modify them by using animate option. You can control the speed of animation by adjusting curves on graphs. It provides the opportunity to create wonderful animation videos.


Compared to Alight Motion, CapCut does not have so many advanced tools to control shape. You can only adjust the size of different layers and their position. There are also different stickers and animations to add to any video, but these are not as advanced as alight motion.

Export Formats

Alight Motion

Alight Motion allows you to download your project in multiple formats. You can download your project in MP4, GIFs, PNG, JPEG, and XML formats. It also provides the facility to export your video from 180p to 4k.


CapCut does not provide many advanced formats. It also allows you to download your video from 180p to 4k. You can download your project in MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, WMV format.

Vector Graphics

Alight Motion

Vector graphics is one of the amazing features provided by Alight Creative, Inc. You can change speed or location by using vector graphics. You can also create 3D logos and motion graphics by using vector graphics. This option also offers you to change the specific color of animations.


CapCut does not support modern vector graphics like Alight Motion, but it provides many useful editing tools. You can change the color of photos or layers and increase the natural beauty of your video or images.

User Interface

Alight Motion

Alight Motion has a standard features layout, as you see in other video editing apps. It has a friendly user interface, but some of its advanced features make it a bit difficult to use. Overall, it is easy to use.


CapCut is more easy to use than Alight Motion. It provides all the basic and essential tools for video editing. You can use them simply by selecting the options one by one.

Font Style

Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers more than three thousand different font styles. It allows all famous fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Futura, Impact, etc. You can customize any font in video or animation. You can also import your favorite font in the app. I love this stunning feature because it helps to give a professional look to your project.


CapCut also has a large number of font options. The positive aspect of CapCut is that it allows any font to be added to the video subtitle. You can import your own font in this app also.


Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers a large number of presets and templates. You can also make presets for further use or export them to your friends. You can get help from pre-built templates to enhance your creativity.


CapCut does not provide the facility of presets, but it offers a large number of beautiful templates.


Alight Motion

Alight Motion APK has a free as well as paid subscription. If you want to get rid of watermarks and ads, then you would have to subscribe to a pro subscription. The weekly subscription charges 4.99 $, the monthly subscription is 6.99 $ and the yearly subscription costs 28.99 $.


CapCut APK also offers both subscriptions, free and paid. Free subscriptions have ads and watermarks. The premium subscription has a monthly price of 7.99 $ and the yearly subscription cost is 54.99 $.

Which one is better for you?

Alight Motion

It is the only best Android application that gives amazing results on your smartphone. Alight Motion allows you to add objects and animate them, so Alight Motion has more animating tools. If you are interested in anime or animation, then test Alight Motion.


CapCut has more video editing tools, so if you are interested in video editing, then go to CapCut and check it.

Wrap Up

From Alight Motion vs CapCut comparison, it is clear that both are good video editing apps. Both provide multiple graphics layers and outstanding visual effects. Both provide a user-friendly interface and amazing text font effects.

But Alight Motion provides vector graphics and modern export formats. It also allows the use of presets. Alight Motion is better because it is the first Android and iOS application that gives professional results on your smartphone.


CapCut is more better than Alight Motion for video editing apk. Alight Motion is better for animation graphics.

Both are video editing tools. Alight Motion is good for animations and graphics because it has more graphics tools. CapCut is good for video editing only.

CapCut is a free and excellent video editing app and easy to use. You can get it for iOS, Window or Android.

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