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How to Import XML file in Alight Motion Fast & Free

xml file in alight motion

Many people ask a question on social media: How to import XML file in Alight Motion APK? Some say we are not getting the Alight Motion icon in the share file option. These are common problems for new workers.

Frequently YouTubers ask to download the XML file from our description. The most common problem seen is how to use this XML file in their project after downloading it. In this blog, I will provide you with a complete step-by-step solution to import this file in Alight Motion and what to do in case of any problem. It is a fantastic feature from Alight Motion for the convenience of users.

So please read the complete paragraph carefully to know all about XML files, import and export methods in Alight Motion.

What is an XML file?

XML stands for ‘eXtensible Markup Language.‘ The primary function of this file is to export data from one system to another with all its characteristics.

It means if you edit one project in one system and you want to edit this project in another system or send a demo copy to your friends or audience, you can do this by XML file. You can transfer your project by XML file and see all the changes in the other system that you did in the first system.

Alight Motion provides the option to import or export your project in an XML file. So, it is a beautiful option for Alight Motion users to edit their projects anywhere.

How to Import XML file in Alight Motion on Android?

I will explain how to import xml file in Alight Motion on Android in simple steps. Just follow the simple steps given below and easily import your file. Let’s start.

  • Download your XML file on your Android device.
  • Come back and open your file manager or any folder where you can find the download file on your Android device. If you do not find a file manager on your device, download the Google file app from your Play Store.
  • Find your downloaded file and long press on it. You will get the share option; click on it and select the Alight Motion App icon. If you do not get the Alight Motion icon, follow the google drive method.
  • Your file has been successfully imported into the Alight Motion app.

Important Note

If you select multiple XML files at a time, then Alight Motion would not appear in the share option. The second reason is that if the setting in your mobile is set in such a way that it automatically selects an app after pressing the share button, you would also not get the Alight Motion share option. To resolve this issue, go to settings, then apps open the menu ( three dots ) and reset the app preference setting.

How to import XML file in Alight Motion using google drive?

If you are getting any trouble with the first method, then you can use the second method, in which we will use a google drive account. In the first method, if you are facing a problem and the Alight Motion app option is not coming for sharing, then the second method will help shoot this trouble. Let’s follow these steps carefully to import your file in Alight Motion successfully.

  • Download your required XML file.
  • Open your file manager and go to the download option and find your downloaded XML file.
  • Long press on your XML file and select the share option. When you select the share option, different apps will come on the scene, select the google drive option and upload your file in google drive.
  • Now open your google drive and find your downloaded file. Click on three dots; different options will appear.
  • Select “ send a copy “. Different app options will appear where you want to share your file. Select the Alight Motion app and import your file into Alight Moton.
  • Congratulations, your file has been successfully imported into Alight Motion.

How to Import XML File in Alight Motion on an iOS device?

You cannot use the above methods to import any file in Alight Motion for iOS. You will not get the Alight Motion app in Share Sheet if you want to share XML files from the above methods.

Using the Alight Cloud link and QR Code method, you can import your file in case of an iOS device. It is only possible when you are a premium member with a project link or QR code. In the Alight Cloud link, first, you would have to send your XML project file in Alight Cloud.

You will have the URL of this Alight Cloud media file. With this URL, you can import any file easily on Apple devices. But the size of this file should be less than five megabytes.

In the second method, if you have the QR code of a file from any person who has this file, you can easily use this file on your device by scanning this QR code. So, learn how to import XML file in Alight Motion in case of Apple device.

  • Open your app store, download the App QR Code Reader, and install it.
  • After installation, send your file in your google drive copy link by clicking on the menu bar (three dots).
  • Paste this link in the web search bar. It will generate a specific code. By scanning this QR code, you can import your XML file directly. You can also share this code with anyone who wants to get this file.
  • Your file has been successfully imported into Alight Motion.

How to use an XML file in Alight Motion?

After importing XML files in Alight Motion, some people don’t know how to use it in their projects. I will provide a complete guide on how to use the XML file in Alight Motion after importing it. Just adhere to the straightforward steps below, and you shall find yourself proficient in utilizing the XML file by the end of the process.

  • Import your XML file in Alight Motion using the above methods. 
  • Now open your Alight Motion dashboard and click on the file you have imported.
  • This file will open in the Alight Motion edit dashboard. Click on the “ add layer “ option ( it has a positive sign with a double box icon ). Some options will appear, first click on “ Select all Layers “ then “ Duplicate all Layers “ and then “ Copy all Layers “ 
  • After copying all layers, come back and select the project in which you want to add these layers. Open this project in the Alight Motion editor dashboard.
  • Now click on the “ add layer “ option again and select Paste all layers.
  • Congratulations, all layers have been successfully added to your project. Now you can use them according to your taste.

How to Make an XML file in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion offers you to import your presets or project in XML files for further use. It is an excellent feature provided by Alight Creative, So; you can get considerable benefits by utilizing this feature. Confirm the simple steps below and import your project file in XML format.

  • Open the Alight Motion app.
  •  Edit your project by using all presets according to your taste. Make sure that you have designed different layers in your project. After editing save your project. 
  • Now come back and long press on the project for which you want to create an XML file.
  • Three buttons will appear on top; click the “ export button.”
  • Now all the options will appear in which you can download your file. 
  • Select the “ XML” option and simply click on the “ Export “ option. 
  • Congratulations, your project’s XML file has been created successfully. Now you can share it with your friends or anyone else where you want.


The Alight Motion offers you to import or export XML files. There are two methods to import XML files in Alight Motion using Android. In the first method, we use the share option and select the Alight Motion app. Sometimes the Alight Motion app does not appear in the share option; in this case, we use the second method, the google drive method.

But in the case of an iOS device, we could not import any file directly. There are two methods, Cloud link, and QR code. I have simply explained these methods. So, Alight Motion is the best editing app and provides the wonderful option to import or export your file in Alight Motion. If you want to know about more features of Alight Motion Mod APK then you can read by following this link.


The main issue of this app is that it does not appear in any file-sharing option.

It is impossible to import XML files on an iOS device. There is only one option if you are a premium member and have a project link or QR code of the project, then you can import your file.

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