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Alight Motion Mod APK

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Alight Motion Mod APK

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Whenever I have been looking for a professional and best quality video editor or motion graphics, I like the Alight Motion Mod APK latest version, which is simple to operate. You will wonder why I like its modified version mostly.

Editing through this app is like a piece of cake, and you can hit the jackpot in social media. When I used it, I came to know its premium unlocked features, which make it better than any other video editing app and dailies. It lets you change specific colors with a chroma key and XML support to transfer files. You can also get many fonts, visual effects, and blending modes with vector graphics at zero price, no watermarks and no ads.

You will also love it when you know all its fully unlocked features. Let me explain to you all its excellent features.

App Technical Information

App NameAlight Motion Mod APK
Size154 MB
ClassificationVideo Players & Editor
Latest Versionv5.0.256.1002290
Offered byAlight Creative, Inc.
Appropriate forAndroid 6 & up
PriceFully Free
MOD Info.No Watermarks, Premium Unlocked
Get it onPlay Store
UpdateMarch 09, 2024

What is Alight Motion APK?

Alight Motion is an admired best video editing app comprising a winning combination of all crucial tools. You can edit any video using multiple functional layers and fonts and download or export it with high resolution as clear as crystal. You can also make GIFs and animations without ads using no money.

 It has two modes; one is simple, which is free, with all essential features sufficient to edit good quality content, and the second is a premium mod, which has some paid premium features.

What is Alight Motion Mod APK?

It is the modified version of Alight Motion, providing all premium subscriptions and much more for free to make game-changer videos. Those professionals, who want quality work, must enjoy the pro features to add productive effects to their projects.

With this modded apk, you can get two thousand plus fonts to add to your video and many frames to add their photos in stylish ways with thousands of effects. The interesting fact is that it is ads-free and supports all presets. So, don’t let this opportunity go in vain; click the download button and rise to the occasion in this era of competition.

Why Alight Motion Pro?

As a creative professional, I have used many video editing and graphic designing apps. Still, I like Alight Motion Pro, which is as easy as pie in making animation and graphic designing.

The best standout feature of Alight Motion Mod APK Without Watermark is the chroma key, by which you can change any color in the background. Another key feature of this app is keyframe animation which allows you to edit the layers individually. It will enable you to use many basic effective building blocks and accessible designs.

Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK

Mod version provides you with all the fully unlocked pro features of the pro version. Now I will explain to you all features of this latest version which make it remarkable, and these may be the features you’re looking for.

Keyframe Animate

Alight Creative raises the bar by introducing the astonishing feature Keyframe Animation in their product. Keyframe Animation is a fascinating feature in the Alight Motion, which makes project editing straightforward. It is a fundamental tool that holds the property’s value at a given time.

It offers you to add many frames in a single project, and you can select these frames one by one by padlocking others. Add two keyframes on the specific locations on the graph line where you want changes. Now move the graph line to change the animation’s speed by moving the cursor on the keyframe line.

 Moving the line upward will slow down the video speed, and if you adjust your line below the graph line, it will increase the speed of your clip.

Blending Mod

If you want to blend your video and are worried, then you don’t need to worry more; Alight Motion Mod APK has made your work as smooth as butter by introducing Blending Mod in their app.

Blending mod offers you to add multiple layers in a single video and adjust or edit any layer by selecting it. So you can add different video layers in a single project and resize or fill the colour to your clip to make it icing on the cake. You will be overjoyed to hear that you can use blending mod in Alight Motion without paying a single penny.  

Visual Effects

Everyone wants to edit their video like a Hollywood blockbuster to surprise friends or people. Visual effects are here to make your dream come true. You can paint the town red using thousands of visual effects provided for free by the Alight Motion app.

You can add various effects to give a natural look to your video like Hot colors, exposure, hue color, highlighted objects in video, clouds in the background, shadows of motion animation, and substantially more. You can change the motion of roses into a silent symphony by using many visual effects. 

You can fit multiple eye-catching scenes or animations in a single video like a puzzle piece. Consequently, whether you want to edit a video for YouTube or for your friends circle, these visual effects are enough to make your video the start of the crowd.

The surprising thing is that you can use so many visual effects using no money. In other video editing apps, the visual effects are paid and hard to use. But Alight Motion provides you with the solution to all the difficulties in an easy way.

Vector Graphics  

Having vector graphics in Alight Motion Mod Pro APK makes it stand out from the rest video editing apps. You can convert your imagination to life on the screen by animating film sketches in 2D or 3D using vector graphics.

Using vector graphics, you can make different vector-based shapes and logo designs in any format. You can adjust the speed or size of any keyframe by moving the vector graphs. You can fill or hide the specific color in your animation by vector graphs.

 You can move, change, rotate, and scale the objects’ properties, making animation smooth. Vector graphics is cutting-edge technology, and you can break the ground in this advanced era using Alight Motion APK free. 

Screenshot about keyframe animation option and blending mode. It helps to add keyframes in Alight Motion apk project.
Screenshot represents the alight motion editing dashboard with important function.
Screenshot for effects option to add diffrent effects in alight motion mod apk prject.

Create MP4 Videos and GIFs

As you know, GIFs add value to your content, and you can adequately convey your message through GIFs. GIFs are always very important because they give a breath of fresh air to a dried person in a humorous way.

The Alight Motion offers you to create GIFs through different techniques. You can add effects, adjust the size, and apply colors to make your GIFs attractive. In the same way, it allows you to save and export your video in MP4 format.

Null Option

The use of Null is very important when you want to move different layers according to the one parent layer. For example you are using one layer in which the hero is performing and you are also using different layers in the background. And you want that these layers should move according to the hero movement. For this purpose, you would have to use the Null option. You will make one layer as the parent layer in which the hero is performing. You will null the other recent layers. These layers will move according to the parent layer. Alight Motion gives a simple null option to get this feature. 

Animated Videos

Child love for animation video is like a river that never stops flowing. Animation videos are also playing a crucial role in education and technology. Alight Motion offers you to create animated videos in its app.

Vector graphics help you to create animated videos with superb tools. It provides all essential tools which are simple to operate. You can change the orientation, add effects and fill color to make their video fantastic with simple steps. Alight Motion is ahead of the curve in making animation videos.

Camera Objects

Camera objects can make all the difference between a dynamic and engaging animation. It can be used to zoom and pan around in a 2D scene or to simulate the feelings of 3D using parallax motion by placing layers at different distances from the camera.

A camera object is a special kind of a layer that lets you take control of the position of the camera to show the layers in your project from a different point of view. By animating camera objects, you can create dynamic panning, zooming, rotation, and parallax motion even when the camera is the only moving part in the project. By utilizing more than one camera, you can cut between various points of view in a single scene. 

Badass Transition Effects

If you want to excite people, win their hearts and make them love your videos, then Badass Effect is here to make your work easier. It is an impressive visual effect between two clips or elements, which makes a video eye-catching and astonishing.

 There are different types of badass effects like whip pan, luma fade, morph cut, glitch effect, etc. Using these effects, you can shake, zoom and fade the video elements. However, you can show an ordinary person as a great actor and make a lot of people a good fan of him.

Let’s download Alight Motion and enjoy its startling benefits to give a professional look to your video.

Unlimited Font

Every word in the video text is like a stroke of colour which gives a masterpiece of textual art. The font in the video truly adds a touch to the magic. The most exciting feature, which offers Alight Motion, is 200+ various formidable fonts.

It also presents you with a change in style like bold, italic, etc. You can adjust your script pursuant to your interest and choose different colors to make it gorgeous. You can import your font to give your imaginative look. You can also add fonts in your videos with other stylish effects.

it represent how camera object option in alight motion works.
Camera Objects
It represents multiple effects and tools option in alight motion mod apk
it represent multiple fonts options in alight motion apk

Transition Effects

Transition effects are like a game changer in editing to make extraordinary video, even if you have never held a camera before. These effects transform your video just like a magician’s trick. Transition effects are supreme features that give a video a professional look.

AM Mod APK provides all essential to advanced transition effects like video cut, zoom in, zoom out, slide, push, blur, crossfade, fade in, fade out, etc. So, if you want to edit your video in a tricky way, go to the download button, download this app, and convert your shaky experience into a professional editor.

Export Multiple Formats

Alight Motion takes the centre stage in export format. In other video editing apps, the main issue comes from exporting videos in their desired format. Alight Motion offers you multiple formats to save or share your videos.

You can ship it in png, GIFs, XML, MP4, MOV, and JPEG formats. It also offers you to share your project on social media like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, instagram, and Twitter.

Save High-Quality Content

The staggering feature which makes Alight Motion gorgeous is to save or download your video in any quality. It facilitates you to save your video in 180p. 270p, 360p, 540p (SD), 720p (HD), 1080p (FHD), 1440p (QHD) and 2160p (4k). This app also has 16 GB of space; you can save your projects in its storage.

160 Basic Effects Building Blocks

Alight Motion offers all primary effects building blocks like Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Highlight, Gamma, etc., which are essential for any editing app. So you can use them to make your project efficient.

Velocity Based Motion Blur

If you want a specific blur area according to their motion, woman face blur; Alight Motion provides the option of Motion Blur. Adding this effect allows you to adjust the components to fulfill your requirements.

Grouping and Masking

The fantastic feature which Alight Motion lays out is masking. It offers you to control the resolution of the video. You can make your clip visible or hide the specific area on the screen. You can also mask a clip into another controlled frame.

It offers to group multiple layers in unity and can be edited separately. In this way, it saves your energy and time.

it represent the export dashboard of alight motion including xml, GIF, video quality etc.
Export Format
It represent the video quality export or download format options in alight motion apk.
Video Quality
It represent the different shapes of objects for graphics designing options in alight motion

Modded Feature of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK

No Ads

A person gets tired of seeing unwanted ads over and over again. Everyone wants to be hassle-free while working. You will be glad to hear that there are no ads in this Mod APK. It is a fully ads-free version. So now you can continue your work without any interruption.

Without WaterMarks

How sad that a person edits a beautiful video and works hard to surprise people with his work, but when he downloads it, it has watermarks on it. The maximal ordinary issue mostly people face is watermarks on the video after saving it.

 No one likes to work so hard on a video and end up with a company’s watermark on it. They charge money to make watermarks free, but this Alight Motion has resolved this issue. This version of Alight Motion Mod APK is without watermarks. So download it for free and take advantage of it.

XML Support

A technical feature provided by this mod apk is XML file transfer support. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file stores data in grading hierarchical format. It allows you to export your project in another app with all the editing options you have used in your project.

 It means you can edit all these changes you have made in your previous app. So, you can help your friends and send your work in the form of templates to them. It is a pro feature, but Alight Motion Mod APK allows you to use it completely free.

Chroma Key

It’s everyone’s dream to record a video of themselves on the beach watching the sunset sitting on the sand; he is walking between the mountains in the fragrance of flowers along with flowing blue water, but for many, it remains just a dream. But you can turn that dream into a reality by using up Chroma Key.

The Chroma key is an extraordinary pro feature, but in this mod APK, you will get it unlocked without using money. The Chroma key offers you to change any specific color in your project.

In place of this changing color, you can use another color or image in the background. So, you can turn the dry background of your video into a fantastic environment to surprise people.

All Premium Features Unlocked

This Mod APK version offers you all pro subscriptions unlocked. It contains all the features that a pro version provides. It is a substantial occasion for those who cannot afford a pro subscription. Let’s go to the download button and install this app on your device to enjoy these premium features unlocked.

Free to Download

In this era, no company gives anything for free without getting its benefit, but you will be thrilled to hear that you can download this Mod APK for free. No one will ask you to pay for these premium unlocked services.

No more need to worry about getting a premium subscription; this app is designed for your convenience. So you can download this app for free without paying any charges for pro features.

Support All Presets

It brings forth all the pre-designed templates, presets, and themes to make your work elementary and brilliant. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can take help from these presets to do your project quickly by making small changes according to your requirements.

screenshot of presets option in Alight Motion Mod APK
alight motion mod apk latest version without watermarks editing dashboard with important tools options
Screenshot for Alight Motion Mod APK important unlocked features

No Lagging

This updated version is lagging-free; you will not face interrupted performance while doing work. Smooth implementation is crucial for any consistent editing experience. In this version, the lagging issue has been improved, and it works smoothly as silk. Editing through this app is in the driver’s seat. So you can continuously enjoy its benefits without facing any hindrance in your work.

What’s New

The following new things are waiting for your help in this mod apk.

  • Multiple layer support
  • Vector graphics support
  • One hundred sixty plus graphics effects
  • Keyframe animation
  • Grouping and masking
  • Addition of new effects i.e, Badass Effect, Page Curl, Luma Stamper
  • Bug fixes
  • Lagging free
  • XML support
  • Multiple fonts
  • Bookmarks option
  • All presets support
  • Solid and gradient color fill effect
  • No watermarks
  • Ads free
  • Badass transition effect

How to Download & Install ?

You can download and install this app by following the steps below.

  • “Uninstall” the original version of Alight Motion from your Android device.
  • Click the “ download button ” given below and download the apk file.
  • Go to “ security setting ” and enable ” Unknown source ”.
  • Go to “ File Manager” > “ APKs ”
  • Click on Alight Motion to install it.
  • Open the installed app to use it.
how to install alight motion mod apk
Installation Infographic

Minimum System Requirements

Your android system should meet the following minimum requirements to enjoy the all pro unlocked features smoothly.

RequirementsMinimum System Specification
Operating systemAndroid 6 or higher
RAM3 GB or Higher
Storage200 MB free space are above
ProcessorARMv7 or Octa-Core processor with 2 GHz Clock Speed


According to my personal experience, Alight Motion is a professional video editing app that is simple to operate. It offers you to manage pro features on your Android device, while other apps do not provide this facility.

It facilitates you to export your project to another device. You can use 2000+ stylish fonts, 160 primary building block effects, and solid and gradient colors to make your project outstanding. It provides you with all premium features unlocked. To make it easy, it gives pre-build templates and themes.

You can download this app for free. So go to the download button, install this Alight Motion Pro APK on your device, and enjoy your editing video.


Yes, this is safe from harmful viruses and threats. Code Reviews, SAST tools, DAST tools, and many other methods ensure its safety. So you can use it without any hesitation.

You can download the mod APK from alightmotionzone.com website by taping the download button simply and install it on your device.

The is entirely free with a premium subscription unlocked. You can download this latest mod version from alightmotionzone.com download button.

The official premium version of Alight Motion Pro APK is paid, but we offer you a mod apk with all pro features unlocked. Click on the download button and enjoy it.

Simply download the APK from the alightmotionzone.com, go to Android settings and allow security permission. Afterwards, go to a file manager, select APKs, and install Alight Motion.

A minimum of 1.5 GB of RAM for an Android device is required, but it is recommended that it should be 2 GB or more for better results.

Alight Motion Mod APK is the free modded version of Alight Motion Pro APK, with all premium features fully unlocked. 

Yes, the Alight Motion is a professional app that provides all the essential tools to edit your project efficiently. It supports all the features required for professional editing, like badass effects, shake effects, fonts, colors, etc.

It provides all basic and professional features. It supports XML files (to export your project to another device), chroma key, keyframe animation, multiple fonts, solid and gradient colors choice, blending mode, and much more. It is watermarks free and ads free version.

Yes, it supports XML files to export your project to another device and analyze the exact changes made in your project on the previous device.

Matthew Feinberg is the founder of Alight Motion APK.